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What others are saying

“Rumen nailed another wishlist item for our business, turning a notion into reality. This new functionality saves us so much time and makes managing our customer's understanding of each product so much less tedious on the backend! Many thanks Rumen!”

— Elizabeth Moyer, Co-Founder of The Estate of Things

Project: Create a system for inserting repeatable text snippets on product description pages via tags

As a Shopify Store owner you, more than everybody else, would like to see your store improving

But you can’t do it yourself. You just don’t know how, or just don’t have the time.

Those bugs and glitches that customers had been messaging you about won’t go away by themselves.

What about that new way of highlighting your products’ qualities you dreamt up yesterday afternoon… Nope. It won’t become a reality just by thinking about it more.

“But…” I know, I know.

You need it now, so you can reap the results of increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

You need it, so you can make. More. Money.

That’s why you need professional help.

So you can invest X amount of dollars and see your investment paying off times more.

You need someone to take care.

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  1. You tell me what’s bothering you about your store. What’s been missing from you store’s front end, but you would like to have?
  2. I tell you how could this be fixed and suggest improvements
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