Import images as slides in PowerPoint

Ever wanted to import a bunch of pre-made images into PowerPoint to use as slides?
Coming from the Mac world you would expect that drag and drop would work perfectly fine in PowerPoint on Windows. But dragging all to the window won’t create a new slide for each one (as it does in Apple’s Keynote).

The solution is quite simple, but not so obvious. Use the Photo Album feature!

Here is how to do it(1:40):

Certainty will push you forward

Be certain. There is no need for plan B as it distracts you from achieving plan A. Lack of certainty is what holds most people back. Yet certainty is the thing you need to have in yourself so as to push everything you want forward.

Be driven and with desire to create. This will increase your confidence, which will increase your motivation. Having those two at your disposal will make your dreams come true.

Feeling like something is missing?

Well maybe it is time for you to start doing what you should be doing? Wrong definition.

The things that excite you and you think you should do someday in the future. This is what you really need to do and deeply want to do. The future is now. They won’t happen if you postpone them constantly. What will eventually this lead you to will be disappointment, unhappiness, dissatisfaction and stress. Despite that, as Steve Jobs and many other say “…in order to produce great work, work that changes the world you really have to be excited by what you are doing. How else are you going to put that extra effort that will make your work exceptional?”