Internal Server Error 500 + vQmod

I have been installing OpenCart Mobile Framework to a lot of customers lately. This led me to interact with various servers and configurations, but I was most amazed when everything was supposed to work fine but It didn’t.

Imagine a clean OpenCart install. Normally you’d like to put vQmod on it, to support other custom modifications without your core files to be altered.

This is when I came to a problem. Sometimes, in the rarest of cases, Continue reading “Internal Server Error 500 + vQmod”

OMF has been featured

Opencart mobile framework is featured on MobileESP’s blog.

Run by Anthony Hand, MobileESP is a project for detecting mobile devices. It has libraries for PHP, ASP, JavaScript, .NET, Java and Ruby.
As you can read in this post MobileESP in Action: The OpenCart Mobile Framework mobileEsp is an esential part of my new product.

Do you have a mobile project that needs proper device recognition? How do you achieve that currently?