Interested in migrating your OpenCart store?

Are you tired of fiddling with OpenCart’s plug-ins, themes and constant technical complications? Would you like to just focus on managing your store and increasing sales, all without having to keep up with the hurdles the OpenCart system puts on your way?

Enter Shopify.

Shopify is a industry-leading hosted e-commerce solution that removes the need for a technical background in order to open a successful and profitable store.

And I can help you migrate your OpenCart store to Shopify as I’ve been working with both platforms for quite some time.

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“Rumen was a dream to work with. I came to the table with a somewhat abstract understanding of what was possible. He considered my project with great attention, and in his proposal took the time to offer up solutions that really sold me on his approach. Our project moved rather seamlessly and I couldn't be happier to have discovered him.”

— Elizabeth Moyer, Co-Founder of The Estate of Things

Project: Create a system for dynamic tagged editorial content on handle-matched collection pages

“Rumen is an absolute pleasure to work with - talented, hard-working, diligent and very creative. He's a true problem solver who goes the extra mile - my highest recommendation!”

—Gregor Gomory Project: Moving of from a static, GoDaddy-hosted, Muse-generated page to a complete Shopify store Custom Theme

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Rumen Dimitrov