Not enough sales on your Shopify store?

You are unsure why the visitors to your Shopify store buy less than you expect them to. And you want to find out, but there is just too much information, from too many sources!

Drowning in analytics data that tells you nothing, you turn to “expert” advice on the internet about best practices and the latest trendy apps to increase your conversions.

But this only ramps up your anxiety and you start questioning and stressing over everything:


Before you get into the rabbit hole of random site tweaks, here is what I can tell you from my experience:

Fiddling with your site makes you feel almost certain that “they’ll finally start buying (more)”. But sadly, all this work rarely brings positive results when it goes live on your store.

As your paid traffic dissapoints you more and more you start to feel more unsure…

“What am I doing wrong?”

Having a Shopify site that’s a money-making machine can feel amazing!

However, to get there you first need to know what stops your visitors from buying… but after your “trial and error” you no longer think you can find the issue yourself.

And let’s not forget that there’s a limit to the unprofitable paid ads that you could run before you are out of money.

But what if…?

What if you knew exactly where your Shopify site needed to be touched up so that people could move smoothly through it and check out? Armed with that knowledge you could fix your store in no time.

It’s true, looking for answers through dashboards and piles of data can be as frustrating as searching for a needle in a haystack… but you don’t have to let it.

There is a method to this madness. One that helps you tame the overflowing data, narrow down your options and zoom in on the most pressing issues. And with an experienced guide to lead you through, this whole data-dive could turn from a near-death to an eye-opening experience for you.

After a clarity call with me you’ll be certain what and how you can improve on your website. Identify the bottlenecks in your shopping process, learn what’s causing people to leave without buying and understand the meaning of vital Google Analytics reports to eliminate confusion forever.

At the end of the call, you’ll not only know where and how your Shopify store needs to be improved, but you’ll also learn how to spot future issues and opportunities yourself.

Just decide you want to level up your business, schedule a call with me and you’ll become certain of the next steps to more sales on your Shopify store in no time.

1 on 1 Shopify Store Sales Clarity call

Duration: 75 minutes

Location: Online via Zoom

Price: $199

After the call you’ll get a video recording for later reference.

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