Reality is not worth arguing for

Arguing for your limitations is stubbornly insisting that “this is reality”,

“i’m just born this way”,

“that’s the way things are”.

The more you insist on it, the truer it gets for you. And then you insist on it more.

Arguing for your limitations doesn’t get you where you want to go. It just strengthens the familiar reality. That same reality which inspired you to change.

Can you really go somewhere, when you don’t want to leave where you are?

Arguing for your limitations is when you list the reasons why things are not working out, instead of focusing on the reason that got you started.

Instead of “I want it, but…” use “I want it, because…” to focus on the warm and fuzzy feeling that got you wanting this in the first place.

On being resourceful

What aren’t you using but you have ready lying around?

What can you use again from what you’ve got?

Do you have any by-products you can ship?

Are they valuable to someone else?

How could they be valuable to someone else?

Your ToDo list is killing you

Having a meter long daily to-do list kills you with expectations. Not having the list on paper, but still adding to it on your mind is even more stressful.

To stop the war between expectation and reality, let one of them give up.

You can better manage your expectations than sustainably create 5 additional work hours in your day and be on top of your game during them.

So, list out all of your expectations for the day. Cut 80% of them. Then cut again. Now you have one thing to do. Performance anxiety and overwhelm are not a factor anymore. You can focus and actually get a chance to get it off your plate so you don’t have to consider it again tomorrow.


Impatience is a sign of lack of trust. A sign of fear. You don’t believe that guy in front of you on the traffic light will move, so you blow your horn. You don’t want to miss your opportunity for passing the intersection.

Imagine you are like that every day. Stressing over things you don’t control, fearing over outcomes and trying to manage everything, so it is “perfect”.

It is impossible to control every moving part of your life. And there is no need to do that.

You don’t have to wake up before the sun so that you pull it up above the horizon.

You don’t have to think about your body processing nutrients in order for you to be nourished.

Let Nature do its job.

Despite the fact we live in cities and we perform actions and jobs that seem removed from what the animals in the forest are doing, we are still governed by the same dynamics.

Nature is still a factor.

So what can you do?

Become a collaborative component and work with Nature, not against it. Then patience will be normal for you, as there is nothing to worry about. Nature is on it, and it will happen.