How to change your perception about the things you don’t like in your career?

Perception is everything. Many philosophers and metaphysical teachers argue that it is the only thing that’s shaping your reality.

You can change the impact of your past not by changing what happened — this doesn’t matter much — but by changing how you think about it.

You are at a position in your life that became a reality because of what happened to you already. So we can safely say it was necessary. It was a path. It is a path. It is your path to where you are.

But this path doesn’t end just here and now. This path is constantly being revealed to you. And it is happening to you, like it or not.

You just have to perceive it for what it is—a road towards your goals, not away from them.

Everything has a negative and a positive side to it. And they are both readily available. It depends what you focus on.

For example, I used to hate skype calls. For the most part of my consulting career I avoided them like the plague. They were a waste of time for me. A source of frustration and anxiety.

Until one day I decided to charge for them. Then I was eager to conduct one. It was no longer a waste of time. I was being paid to talk—one of the things I feel the most capable of.

After the talk I was amazed at the amount of data I managed to gather from the person I was talking to. The whole experience opened my eyes to a new (to me) channel for research and building trust.

My perception has changed. Now I’m eager to talk with clients (within some boundaries, of course :)).

How have you benefited from the things that annoy you the most in your work?