Oftentimes we find ourselves impatient. We obsessively check our phones, emails and IM for that “urgent” response. We want to be always on, we want to be available and reactive because this feels live, feels important, feels like something is getting done.

But all this urgency and impatience does is slow things down. It inhibits our ability to look ahead, stops us from seeing the big picture.

Said in other words, impatience inhibits our growth.

What would happen if we get into the position of calm patience instead?

Focus will be deeper. Work will become meaningful. Actual impact could be created. Even more: the focus created by the calm and composure inside you will bring satisfaction from your actions.

Just as our primal lizard brain thrives in reactionary thinking, the other 80%, the newest parts of our brain, thrive in calmness, composure and focus.