Background Update

I noticed that I put too high expectations on myself to write something great. Typical “aspiring writer” syndrome. Instead of writing to help myself and as a side-effect helping others, I started thinking how to write so that others benefit. So much so, that I got jammed. Jammed with ideas, jammed with aspirations, jammed with ambition, pulled away by lack of focus. This could easily happen to you when you work online or try to be up to date with all the latest tip, trick and techs of the world.

God forbid you try to make websites. Hell no, then you’ll be paralyzed by all the things you know you don’t know.

Nevertheless, I need a place to vent it all. A place different from the dozens of notebooks I pile everyday, a place which I can search and reference later.

I’m pulling down my expectations for blog posts. It is infinitely better to post, to have something out there, to think out loud (for yourself mostly) than to keep it all inside.

Same is true for you.
Kill your inner perfectionist.
Ship something today!
P.S. Posts on social media don’t count. They look more like a place to brag or unproductively complain about your life instead creating it. Put a shape to your thoughts and ship them. Today.