How I Design A Website From Scratch (LIVE)

This post is updated daily. The “Day” titles mark when I’m making entries in the diary. This whole process could be completed a lot faster if I didn’t take the time to publish my notes here. .

Soon after I published this article Feel stuck after learning HTML&CSS? Here’s how to create websites on your own I decided to share it on reddit—after all that’s the place I got the inspiration for the article from. To my amazement this happened:

1041 up votes on reddit

Getting to 1000+ upvotes on reddit is not a small feat. What truly astonished me though were the positive comments how useful this information was to people and how badly they needed an example to see it applied in practice. So that’s what I’m going to do here—I’ll build a page using these same techniques and will document the process step by step. Here we go:

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Overcoming your fears of "big" web projects

Did you know that ants are omnivores? They eat both plants and animals.

And when I say "animals", I don't mean something just a little bit bigger than an ant, like a bee, I mean much larger animals, like… birds. If you have the nerve, google "ants eating a bird".

So, what does this have to do with web design?

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