Feel stuck after learning HTML&CSS? Here’s how to create websites on your own

You have read a few books on HTML & CSS and know how to create websites yourself.

You know how to find the resources you need (when you don't know what to do).

The thing is, you are not sure where to go from here.

Every book and article you read is just the same stuff: explains html, tags, and css selectors, properties etc.

More front-end matters and less what you truly feel missing… an answer to the question that made you reach for books in the first place.

Now that you know HTML and CSS what is the next step to actually start creating websites yourself?

Do you have to learn how to:

  • lay them out
  • design them
  • put everything together?

Or is there something else?

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Interested in web design, where do I start?


Your desire to try your hands at web design leads you to search “how to create a website”. Google says one of the most popular approaches are(amongst dozens of others) to learn HTML or learn to use Photoshop.

Not in the mood for coding, you fire up Photoshop… 40 minutes later you feel you lost your time choosing the right typeface, placing text where it “exactly” needs to be, wondering how to create containers, learning how to move containers, sizing containers…

“It is not done yet,” you say to yourself.

“I’m not sure if this really should be here…” you think.

“Hm, maybe the font has to be darker and I should try changing the color of the buttons a bit”—you mutter. This is your last effort to make a website out of the mess of layers and objects … and you feel overwhelmed.

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