If it is too hard—you are doing it wrong!

When obstacles are a sign that you need to change your approach

I feel it is too hard for me to achieve this

— You are so desperately focused on your road to success, that you stay blind for the shortcuts that come up all the time. Ignoring power-ups on the way makes every journey harder than it should be. Relax into meandering towards your goals instead of fiercely chasing them and everything will fall into place.

But it is still too hard!

— Aiming for the mountain summit you may have lost your way to the starting line — break down the target into smaller chunks that look achievable and easy. The ease of the steps will suck you through a funnel leading to your goal.

But it is still too damn hard with all the work that I have to do

— Do you really have to do it all? Do a 80/20 analysis until you get to the single most important task that needs to be done. Then do it. Discard the rest.

But it is impossible, when you don’t know/don’t have/can’t

— Don’t be paralysed by what seems to be a “lack of resources”. This “lack” is your advantage, because it can make you think. What can you do with the means already available to you?

But it is still hard for me to decide

— You are being irrational if you can’t choose between two or more alternatives. Making decisions is making progress. Don’t waste your time studying cognitive biases and irrationalities. Eradicate them from your decision making process by applying Goldratt’s evaporating cloud instead.