Searching for motivation to travel? You need a new perspective.

By the summer of 2013 I have finally freed myself from location and time dependance. I can work anywhere. I need to be “on time” only in the rare occasions when I want immediate answers in a dialogue with my team. Then we Skype. Then we use Slack.

Being able to work anywhere, anytime, creates a number of opportunities. The one that I am truly happy about is travel, because it lets me easily change my perspective.

Different perspective

Change of perspective is essential in my everyday life and work. Distancing myself from problems/situations gives me the space and time to think about them. To understand them. I can make better use of them only when I get a feel for them.

That’s why painters step back from their paintings and writers read what they had written days or weeks after they wrote it—they get distance. Time changes the way we look at our creations. After a certain point in your work you just need a different perspective to see how to move forward.

Feeling the need to change

The need to change was always present. But by not looking straight at it I was always dumbing it down. Numbing the pain it creates.

I had spent the past 18 months mostly on the move. Visiting relatives and friends on locations I’ve been familiar with my whole life.

Is this really “travel”?

It sounds like simple “transfer”.

Were these the adventures and exploration that I am still craving for?

Not all.

Is this me merely exercising my freedom in the least creative way possible? Yes.

Avoiding real adventures

I was just “playing travel”. I thought I didn’t have everything I need to actually travel. Because I was afraid of doing something different.

I want to grow, right? Then I need to allow growth to happen.

Allowing myself to do new things

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

― Thomas Jefferson

To sharpen the pain of no change I needed to experience life the way I perceived it before—when I didn’t realise I had the freedom. Why did I need that? So that I create the contrast that can help me feel the direction I need to take from here. To push myself towards the opposite that I’ve been postponing for such a long time.

To prove myself that a deeper change is needed I created a challenge for myself.

A challenge? Yes, bring it on!

How does that sound: “A month of no escape. A month in which you can’t escape from the things you don’t like.”

Sounds terrifying. That’s why I’ll learn a lot by doing it.

Late October 2013: I decided not to leave the borders of the city for 30 consecutive days.

I cancelled all my out-of-town plans. Declined invitations. Just stayed where I was.

As a result, the awareness of my need to move has increased. I became restless and fed up with the way my environment was shaping me. This resulted in dissatisfaction with the current situation. I wanted something different.

The reasons behind my desire to travel became clear, too: movement is what makes me feel alive. Movement changes my perception. Movement not only as in dance and sports, but on a larger scale. Travel.

I have found motivation to travel so I am ready to go, right?

In the B=MAT model Motivation(M) is just the beginning in creating a new behaviour(B). Next comes Ability(A). To fill in that part I needed a way of thinking about travel that will let me realise I am actually able to do it. I started searching for a new definition of travel, which is the topic of my next post.