What am I currently up to?

Owning a smartphone made a big difference in my mobile UX competence. Using it for a while led me to the idea that I can make a child theme for OMFramework based on my new understanding. One that feels closer to what visitors expect of a native app than an ill-conceived adaptation of the default OpenCart theme.

The process I plan to follow now is:

  1. Outline all features of all the main pages of OpenCart
  2. Prioritize them based on the mobile experience I’ve gathered
  3. Make wireframes of the new UI based on the already decided importance of elements
  4. Throw a pinch of visual design
  5. Create a PDF prototype to be viewed on iPhone
  6. Code the prototype
  7. Turn it into a customizable theme

I know it may seem a bit Waterfall-ish but I plan this to be just one of the iterations. One of the new ways I try to work, because now I don’t need to test a concept like “Will people buy a mobile theme?”. The sales of OMF confirmed that. The idea to be tested now is “If we make it better, simpler, more intuitive to use and yet highly customizable to fit any desktop theme, will that increase the conversion rate?” These and many other ideas taken from the Lean Startup way of thinking are what I plan to test in the following weeks.