Trello as a design tool?

For the past months I’ve been using Trello as a project management system. Its simple to use lists are its best feature. I especially like the ability to reorder items (that is what I like about Clear so much on the iPhone). As a project management tool it got me so far. Especially when I decided to simplify the project planning work by forgetting feature requests.

Then I stumbled upon a particularly interesting article in Smashing Book #2 for Mobile App and Site development. The part most useful to me was based around the idea of Page description diagrams for UI/Web design. Now that OMFramework is my main concern I guess this was the most obvious thing to grab my attention.

Back on topic, how did actually Trello help me?
Well, I needed to create lists of features fast and sort through them even faster. This is when I started using Trello as a notepad for lists to help me prepare the documents I need. Dragging elements left to right is pure fun. Scrapping lists is easy as clicking twice.

Go ahead and try it! 🙂