vQmod stopped working

Recently I had a customer write to me something along the lines of: “I installed your OpenCart Mobile Framework. It looks good on the demo, but I couldn’t get it running on my site. I have vqmod and everything, what am I doing wrong.”

Examined his ftp and there was nothing to let me think that he did something wrong. Then I tried to install vqmod again by going to clientssite.com/vqmod/install and I received a Page not found error. “Well,” I thought, “it may be the SEO url option that is messing with the vqmod path”. I tried “turning it off and on again” but to no avail.

After couple of minutes of investigation it turned out this was a permission related issue. vQmod should have all of it’s php files set to 0644, on my customer’s site they were 0755 and 0777.

Trello as a design tool?

For the past months I’ve been using Trello as a project management system. Its simple to use lists are its best feature. I especially like the ability to reorder items (that is what I like about Clear so much on the iPhone). As a project management tool it got me so far. Especially when I decided to Continue reading “Trello as a design tool?”