I ❤ Pears

Three days ago I’ve found an awesome tool by Dan Cederholm.

It’s called Pears. Dubbed as “common patterns of markup & style” it provides a way to store HTML and CSS snippets for later reference. Not only that the snippets are organized, but you can also modify them and view the results in real time.

Even though it was designed to serve as a library for design patterns I tried using it as a development environment. Now my design process for OpenCart Mobile Framework looks like this:

  1. quick sketch on paper/photoshop
  2. sketching in code in Pears
  3. code integration in OMF’s main branch
    • putting the CSS in proper SASS files
    • placing the markup in the proper .tpl files
  4. test and repeat

A day of using it felt more than satisfying. I have some ideas for improvement, though:

  • the code editor could be more tab friendly and support indentation
  • I would like to see a “save pattern” button if I am a logged in user

Maybe I should fork Pears on GitHub and do it myself. Sounds like a nice weekend project!