Six months of lessons

[cudazi_promotext]Living in a new city, trying new things, meeting new people[/cudazi_promotext]
Below is a list of the most important lessons that come to mind when I think of the past six months of my life. Months during which I moved to a new city, changed 2 dancing clubs, had to have beginner’s mind a couple of times, launched a successful product, met new people and read a number of life-changing books (Rework, The Lean Startup).
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Internal Server Error 500 + vQmod

I have been installing OpenCart Mobile Framework to a lot of customers lately. This led me to interact with various servers and configurations, but I was most amazed when everything was supposed to work fine but It didn’t.

Imagine a clean OpenCart install. Normally you’d like to put vQmod on it, to support other custom modifications without your core files to be altered.

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