The Eagle has Landed

Finally, my blog is finished. Actually far from complete as most web projects are constantly under development/optimization/redesign, so is my site. You can never have a “finished” state in IT, because there is always something to add(or remove). Especially in the field of web design.

My purpose with this blog is to share with you (and the design community in particular) my thoughts on web design and the way it is influenced by psychology, technology and other design fields. Having the platform to express my reasoning I hope to achieve a higher level of understanding for my “craft”, as some may call it. Ah, let’s not forget my thoughts and experiences on full-time freelancing and client—designer relationships(useful for all of you just starting out in the web design field, whether you are a client or a web designer going freelance).

Watch this space as I take my next steps on the “uncharted” territory of the digital moon.