You’ve got a lot of mobile traffic to your OpenCart store, but

Your smartphone visitors leave your site
without buying anything?

Obviously you are missing out on a lot of sales.

You know mobile shoppers are less patient than desktop shoppers. As much as 85% of them will leave at checkout, if they have problems with the site.

But if your mobile visitors could find what they were looking for in a matter of seconds and check out with ease, mobile sales would finally start flowing in.

I bet this thought has crossed your mind before. The idea to increase your sales sounds tempting, doesn't it? So tempting that I guess you have already tried the following:

Option #1: Adjusting your existing OpenCart store template

To do this you have to write CSS rules for every page element. You have to take care of different smartphone or tablet device resolutions.

This is a feat that requires effort and patience. Especially if you do it all by yourself.

Option #2: You have used various scripts and frameworks for creating a mobile version of your OpenCart store

Chances are, you wasted hours of hunting through their code just to get a mediocre mobile site running.

Getting a smartphone-friendly site done the way you want it feels like pushing a rock uphill... but that's true only if you continue pushing it.

Imagine having a mobile-ready OpenCart template for your store. A theme that you could change to fit your preferences with a single click.

In just 5 minutes, you could get a completely functional mobile OpenCart website

Picture this: despite the fact you don't have the time or knowledge to build a mobile site from scratch, you got one now.

How would this impact your sales to smartphone visitors? What would be the increase to your bottom line?

You know you want to provide your potential mobile customers with the best shopping experience. Yet, all the existing tools and themes just get in your way, waste your time and frustrate you.

What if there was another way?

Converting your mobile visitors into customers can be as easy as installing an extension on your OpenCart website.

With OMFramework you will instantly add a mobile-optimised user experience for your store. Then your smartphone and tablet visitors will be able to browse and checkout lightning fast.

Enough talking. Demo time!

The best way to understand why people chose OMFramework is to see for yourself.

Now, reach for your smartphone and point your favorite browser to

You would miss a lot if you read the rest of the page without experiencing the demo.

When you are done testing come back here.

And scroll a bit more

Did you like what you saw?

Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg!

With the help of OMFramework (and with no coding knowledge needed) you can:

This is definitely the best looking and most user friendly OpenCart Mobile Framework available. My customer response has been immediate. Feedback from our Customers — They love the layout and it is so easy to navigate. Thank you for excellent support and Fantastic OMF Software. —Shane Colledge

Your OpenCart site will become mobile-ready within seconds of installing OMFramework. Take 3 more minutes and this mobile version of your store will match the looks of your desktop site.

Presto, you are ready to sell!

Want to stop losing your mobile visitors and turn them into customers instead? Buy OpenCart Mobile Framework now!

OpenCart Mobile Framework


Here is what you will get:

  1. Mobile device detector

    Automatically detects visitor’s device and points them to the mobile version of your site

  2. Customisable mobile template

    A mobile template that works alongside your desktop theme. Optimised for and served to mobile/tablet visitors only. Up to 27x faster than the desktop template.

  3. Second customisable mobile template

    A flat modern-looking template for your store. Works alongside your desktop one.

  4. Theme control panel

    An OpenCart module which lets you control theme options without touching code.

  5. Advanced color customisation tool

    Click to choose the colours for your mobile theme straight from your desktop site. Match your brand identity without writing CSS. (coming May 2014)

  6. Mobile modules

    Mobile-optimised lightweight modules to use on your mobile site

  7. Desktop module loader

    You need a desktop module on mobile? Use this tool and set it to load for smartphones, too.

  8. Compatibility with every payment gateway available

    We know that seamless payment integration is important for your business. That’s why OMFramework works with any payment method you have installed.

  9. Works with any desktop checkout extension

    Checkout is the other crucial aspect of a mobile visitor’s shopping experience. OMFramework is designed to work with the checkout extension you already have installed.

  10. Compatibility patches

    Patches can make OMFramework work alongside other famous third-party extensions, if needed.

  11. Customer tech support

    Count on our top-notch dedicated support service to answer your questions and fix any bugs that you find

This is the third mobile theme I've tried, and it's hands down the best. It's simple, easy to use, and it just works. Most importantly, it intelligently switches to mobile when it detects a mobile device, even when a QR Code is scanned for the "standard view" URL. And excellent support. I'd like a tweak or two to make it a perfect fit for me, but that doesn't effect my rating in any way. I think the dev has done an excellent job on a "one-size-fits-nearly-everyone" solution. And a simple template tweak should give me what I'm looking for. 5-Stars. —Michael Worth

Start taking orders from your mobile visitors today

Buy Now for $79

Requires OpenCart 1.5.2+

Frequently Asked Questions

What if it doesn't work on your website? What are your guarantees?

Free support

If you decide to purchase OMFramework, you will be entitled to free support for integration and installation. This means that if OMF doesn't work on your website, because of another extension, or your desktop site is somehow affected (which will rarely happen), you can count on our help. Such compatibility issues, as well as any bugs that you find are fixed free of charge.


If you are extremely unhappy with our product, or it doesn't work for some reason and we're not able to fix it, we don't want your money. Just request a refund. This will invalidate your support qualification.

Read the rest of the Frequently Asked Questions

People who use OMFramework say...

I just installed the module. Now, I know why so many people bought it. Just great! This is the best purchase I made for my site! —Jemmax
This extension is perfect for mobile phone users. My customer only needed it for iPhone, he likes his full site on the iPad - no problem, just turn it off for tablets. So easy to customize! 

The customer service goes above and BEYOND to help you get this running and is so informative and helpful - I cannot say enough. They happily answered a plethora of pre-purchase questions. Then I had trouble with the vqmod - they fixed it, had trouble after purchase getting it to work, they happily helped me.

 Do not hesitate to purchase... if you're on the fence, jump to this side, the OpenCart Mobile Framework side! —M. Gavaldon